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Aion Classic


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I like many other players played in the very beginning when Aion first started and played until  Tiamantra and Sarpan were removed . I played the new zone for about 2 months and found that it was more  PVP based then I wanted to be involved in ..love the  campaigns and quests ..I came back into the Aion game  about a year ago and was greatly disappointed by all the changes that took place so I left the game again..then I found that Classic had  been released  I was very excited to see everything again :)  it is different and yet the same ..I would like to see a return of real events  hunting Darus , Grankers , and other actual events  that u earned rewards for doing  and not just afk events for coins ..I would also like to see the return of a quest item cube only , because inventory space is very limited the most common complaints I have heard is 'I have to empty my pack" and I don't have room in my warehouse for my crafting supplies..I am also very happy the crafting  is back  and you can work your way up to Master  :) I would love to see construction come back as well as mounts, housing and tia and sarpan... in the retail it was very disheartening to see that you made it to master in your craft only for it to be  replaced with another system ..I really like that I meet new and returning players who enjoy the Aion experience  :)  I would also like to see  the return of black cloud market with the  diversity of the reset scrolls for instances and pets  that are permanent and  a variety of clothing items , especially the  holiday ones those were truly Awesome!!! Thank you for listening and I hope to see some of these come back .  Meriweather

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