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New Siel's Aura changes - does XP affect crafting?


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Heya, there was no clear cut answer in /LFG so I thought I would ask here.

The current double XP event doesn't seem to double the XP of crafting as it did in events past, but I cannot find out any information on whether or not the new 200% XP Siels' Aura will also include crafting XP.  Anyone?  Thanks

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Not really a certain answer to your question, but usually it works as follow:
more experience increases the characters levelling experience you get from crafting (the one you gain and see after each craft in the chat) yet not the separate crafting levelling experience which is used to level up crafting. The latter is usually labelled explicitly if provided and not commonly included in experience events. So, if they follow the separate wording strictly, as they also do on ingame items, "200% EXP Rate" would not increase the speed of levelling up crafting, merely provide double the experience from each craft to level up your character.

However, it is up to NcSoft to clarify on this.

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