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Game Balance, (comfort level) (Aion Cassic)


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First of all, apologies, I use a translator because of my low level of English.

I am an aion player for many years, you could say since birth. There was a time, when I ran killing every monster that came my way, to discover what item could touch me, to see if luck was with me. Searching a dungeon was quite an adventure. Then came patches and more content, and more patches and more content… Content that was not accessible by low drop and then that content was lost over time.
When Aion classic came out, it was my time to go back and give it a try. After going through the maps, that child was born in me. But I found a problem… Where are the people? Why are there no players?
After investigating they all say the same thing. (no good droop) monsters don't give good rewards.

Here I have to emphasize that I am a subscriber and I have Siel Aura 24 hours.

With this background, allow me to present my constructive observation as a result of a question.

1) If I am new, is it useful to dedicate myself to crafting professions and make my armor? The answer is NO…, even if you have the Subscriber aura, it is not convenient, because taking out a complete armor would take weeks or months. Armor that will not help the progress of the game, because in a few hours it will level up and that armor is no longer viable.
So it's sad to see so much wasted content. AION IS A VERY RICH GAME IN CONTENT BUT POOR IN PROGRESS.

Aion Classic is a game very rich in content, content that is currently not necessary due to the low level of acquisition of crafting items. I recommend that for the progress of AION CLASIC, the grafting experience is increased, increased acquisition of materials for crafting.

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Crafting armor was never really worth it from what I can remember, even at launch in 2009. Weapons, well mainly Master Carved weapons, are still worth crafting. Also potions, scrolls and foods. Not much else is worth it, and has never been to be honest. Not in Classic.

As for the reason why people left it's not just a single reason, it's a combination of bad decisions and lack of action. Some of those actions that they are ONLY NOW starting to perform, mind you lol. But I'm afraid that it's too late now.

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I crafted armor for my alts just for the experience of it, and it was honestly kind of unrewarding. The only nice thing was getting to see the skins that people might not know about because they're tucked away in crafting. Coin gear would have been just as effective and likely cheaper as well, unfortunately. As Conman mentioned, the only gear you can craft that's considered worth it are the endgame items. But those require you to sink a lot of time and money into a crafting profession, as well as in mats you will have to buy because there's no way to farm them alone. 

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Crafting is great until level 30. After that, you need expert and probably can't afford it at level 30.

It also sucks that you can't level crafting by crafting something useful. Instead you're grinding work orders or balic mats. It really takes the fun out of it.

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