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Leveling Tips For new and return players.


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Hello all i thought id make a small leveling guide since the changes to campaigns to help players reach 55 easier.

Level 1-10 During double Xp make sure you grind mobs to hit level 9 ascend smash out your campaigns by this stage you should be around level 12.

In sanctum do your krall potion and leph crests with xenophon.

Proceed too veteron pick up a few side Quests i.e kukuru gathering,silver for sanctum,perinens worry,lobnite fossil etc.Do these few side quests and your first three campaigns also grind a few mobs till you hit level 16.

With a 20% xp amulet you are now set to do 5 haramel runs this should take you too level 22.

Proceed to smash out all your remaining campaigns they are now all Soloable non elites.

At level 20 do not hand in your elthen quest or do your stigma save the Experience.

By the time you have done all your Camps you should be level 25.Now head to sanctum and do your abyss entry quests.

After this head to NTC you should be able grind this place till around level 33 with a 20% bonus amulet.

Now head to elthen do all your side quests like priorites money,restored sword,stigma quest.Make sure you pick up all your gather quests i cant stress enough how much these little bits of XP add up save your big Camp Xp for later.

After grinding NTC try to do afew FT runs too hit 37 if you cant find groups do a few campaigns then head too Heiron hand in only your starter quest proceed to run your 5 Kromedes Trials.Again in heiron do your side quests and gather ones they really add up.

By now after doing gather quests and Kormedes you should be around level 42.43.

Now Steelrake Do 2 runs will ding you to 45.Pick up your first greater stigma quest from Miriya in sanctum,do your kill 10 mobs in theo for firs tlot of groggies too purchase your drana crystal.There is also a Daily from Angel pick it up its 3mil xp with mob kills,right next to her is also a repeat for 28 hornskull kills with double xp and amulet this quest plus kills will give 6 mil per hand in repeatable 15 times.

Now head sanctum hand in first stigma quest then proceed too pick up second one now do another steelrake run this will give 3 blue dranas and daily next day your next greater stigma.

By now you should head back to Elthen at around46 and clear out the rest of your campaigns this should take you to 47/48 depending on how much grinding side quests you did.

By this stage i generally haven touched any heiron quest except the starter one i go through and complete them but i dONT hand them in.

Head back to theo finish the Hornskull repeat grind there also 4 other quests in Port anake complete these also for a bit over 18mil xp.

By now you should be around level 50 go through and smash out all your heiron cmapaigns and any Abyss ones you have left you should with these hit around 52.

After this point proceed to theo and complete your campaigns with any luck you will get 53 or 54,after this do your first 2 campaigns in Iggison smash out Talocs hollow with 20% amulet these runs should ding you to 55 its boring as hell but a Full clear nets a ton of XP.

Hope this helps players,remember just zerging campaigns even with XP increase leaves you a bit short doing the Solo instances and side quests will boost your xP gains greatly,

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