Recently i saw myself tempted on trying to get 5 star, wich also made me wonder how long would it take to get 5 star and how's the current GP system.
A few maths later here's the results:
The max amount of gp obtainable per week (IDL / OW / Dredge / Arenas / KBF / Glory / Tenacity / Spire / EB / IWW / Illuma and norsvold gp quests / upper abyss siege / Panestera / Evangale / Kaldor) is 21765 (23197 if you use value boost pack) if you win every single instance and siege that is.
Now lets compare this with the current asmodian governor wich has 1 879 368 glory points, it would take approximately 1 year and 7 months to reach governor status with the perfect player.
Making the stats more realistic: instead of winning 100% of the instances and siege  you win lets say 70% and lets add some more time for a new player to even be able to do the said instances and sieges. we're looking at a period of over 3 years for the most dedicated of players to be able to reach governor (this of course assuming the current governor will not get any gp for the next 3 years).
  I dont think this is fair or balanced.
Solution? increaseing the daily gp loss could work. though i think the best solution would be to simply cut by half every player's gp every week. this would decrease the gap and give more players the oportunity to work for their rank.

Does anyone share  my opinion or has a different one? im down to discuss.