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We are doomed holy water will be now available for pay to wins


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Apsaranta keeps getting less player friendly in every mini patch.

  • Flipping camps is near impossible unless a big/geared group does it.
  • Getting 4/4 quest rewards is halved after 8.3
  • Leveling legions' renown in Apsaranta is time consuming and many times impossible because we need to flip camps and it might not happen. By the time we can reach a good level at renown, they get a rename (aka reset) so back to start.

We are also unable to make a reasonable amount of luna in game for necessities.

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I can flip camp solo with alt , i saw some people do it solo , If you're a sorc i recomend you to use sw alt even not that geared then use sleep set stigma with good sleep runestone and evasion or  some defense. This is by far the worst patch since vandal releases, This is the main reason i felt unmotivated to play now, Aion Developers are getting worst and worst that's why their game is only loved when its fresh release, 

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