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Why can not I sell my greater supplement?

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I'm already poor, I do not have kinah to get a good set pve, I'm turning to level up and go AoE and get some things to be able to sell and earn kinah and I'm blocked by '' you can not sell that amount per week ' 'I need to add 10,000 greater supplement to stay with 1b but this takes almost 3 months and I can only sell 400 per week why this barrier would not need? 

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I know some true pve queens that never earn a single gp in this game that would hurt...

and the total limit is currentl;y about 130mill for an archdaeva.


As for making Kianh, I've suggested before in other threads on this, do ALL your daily quests, work the day lights out of events you are remotely good at...

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