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Increase Balic Mats Drops


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The lack of balic mats on the broker has been extremely frustrating, making it almost impossible to craft any balic equipment.

We have to rely on bots to farm those mats and put them up on broker since it is impossible to farm them by yourself. I've tried to farm them for an hour, only got about 2 Firm balaur skins and 1 execration of terror.

I definitely remember that in original Aion 2.0, you could farm it yourself. Now, it is basically impossible. 

Also, no one is even attempting to craft Balaur Armor because of the amount of materials needed for the full set, which is basically not worth the time because of the amount of money that you will spend.

Please do something about it. 

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I know they mentioned that balic mats will drop in the new event Twisted Draupnir Cave, hopefully it will be level 50+ balic mats that drop and not the lower level ones. But yes, the overall droprate for balic materials is just plain awful. 

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