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Lag increased from tuesday 1 Nov (Eu)


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I'm playing from EU (Italy) from the start of game +2 yers ago.

I've ever played fine (for a crossing-ocean player) with 120ms-180 but stable. Not great pvp but can manage almost all kind of situations.

From tuesday 1 Nov i ping 500ms-700ms

Have already excluded problems in my network (with different router, with cable, with another pc).


Anybody is experiencing something similar?



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  • Aion Team

Hey there - 

I have spoken to a couple others who have contacted me via Private Message about lag already, but I wanted to go ahead and post here as well making sure that everyone experiencing lag issues submits a Support Ticket:  https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us?_ga=2.95064028.1167684957.1667844110-1410439119.1653496573&_gl=1*v8liav*_ga*MTQxMDQzOTExOS4xNjUzNDk2NTcz*_ga_TPNWXPF7Y3*MTY2Nzg1MTIwNy4xMDQuMS4xNjY3ODUxMjc1LjAuMC4w

Thanks much,



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