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Pvp Damage and Skill Durations


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OK Pvp damage needs a Tune whats the point of getting Pvp armor when your still getting hit for 4-5k sometimes more,the damage vs defense ratio is way overtuned and should be adjusted bigtime.

Also skills like Fear need a diminished return basically 24 sec fear chain in Pvp is not skillful pvp Fear shoud be 4-5 Secs maximum and less if they chain it if your giving a class literally 4 fear skills.

Sorc damage still  way overtuned and should be reduced in pvp.

Mau Form a Ranger can keep this up pretty much 24/7 in arenas like really good design there.

Also Gear sets this is just another time sink,the whole point is meant to be PVP needing multiple sets on the majority of classes just to be effective is just insane.Tune the game correctly and this wouldnt even be needed.

i know you dont care because nothing changes on other issues just terrible game design and class balance across the board in pvp.

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with my gladiator

I noticed since the last update that my skills are not like before.
I often have countdowns I use the auto attack to fill them.
I had it before but since then it seems longer.

for the pvp I was raped before and I still get raped after

Sorc = silence , sleep , three and mega dps you die

SM = silence , fear 1, fear 2, fear 3 you die.

Ranger = silence, slowing ,stunned, mega dps you die 

don't forget that there are a lot of cheaters in pvp


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