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PSA: Prime Runestone Box not updated


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This is just a warning to let players know the Prime Runestone Selection Box has not been updated.

There are only runestones for Kaisinel, Marchutan, Ereshkigal and Tiamat inside the bundle.


Nezekan, Zikel, Lumiel and Yustial are NOT included. 

On BCM shop:


In mailbox:


[ID: 188076404] Prime Runestone Selection Box





[ID: 167300009] Attack Runestone of Illusion
[ID: 167300039] Boost Runestone of Illusion
[ID: 167300069] Support Runestone of Illusion

[ID: 167300011] Attack Runestone of Destiny
[ID: 167300041] Boost Runestone of Destiny
[ID: 167300071] Support Runestone of Destiny

[ID: 167300099] Attack Runestone of Ice
[ID: 167300103] Boost Runestone of Ice
[ID: 167300107] Support Runestone of Ice

[ID: 167300101] Attack Runestone of Earth
[ID: 167300105] Boost Runestone of Earth
[ID: 167300109] Support Runestone of Earth

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@EMpulsenot sure if you are still away, but should we put tickets in about this? You are losing time and money because if the new runes or Nezekan/Zikel runes were in the package they would sell like hotcakes and our market would be lively. Currently there is barely anything on the Asmo market that we can buy or use to progress our characters so it would be nice if someone would actually take this issue seriously, especially for the poor people who got ripped off thinking they were getting a prime rune selection box of all the prime runes (logic would dictate this).

Thank you!

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