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Stuck at Lvl 48?

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I'm somewhat new to Aion, and am stuck on level 48 with my highest-level character.  I'm in Reshanta and I'm too low level to complete my quests...

So how can I level up from here?  I keep applying to instances of my level and I can't find a group for the life of me.  Any suggestions on leveling  and gaining more gold?

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Did you complete the quest for the Renewed  Daevanion gear? It's great exp even if you end up junking it.

You can find it here: Elyos or Asmodian

After that, just take any dark blue quests you can find in Inggisson or Gelkmaros. When finished, head to Cygnea or Enshar. By the time you're done, you should be very close to 65, if not past that.

Also level up in Luna and Kumuki Cave.

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you can also try to do some Admas and Teo Labs. there are some quest that you can repeat. In fast track you will find more people to group with. Those are instances lvl 46+ . 

Do all that so you can reach lvl 55 and get the new gear in cygnea. After that with some quest and doing Beshmundir temple in normal mode in duo you will get 65 in no time. 

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