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we have a traitor on our side ( Elyos )


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I refer to the basic rules of aion, you cannot play both races on the same server and at the same time,

to prevent one of the factions from transmitting information on the opposing camp.

The siege of Divine conquered by the Asmodians on November 26th.

Some facts during the fighting lead me to believe that there was strategic information passed from one camp to another,

to the advantage of the Asmodians.


«aion was designed for players to play only one race per server»  Aion Retail

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ufffff, i honestly dont see how to organice a complete faction thanks to a spy, its so easy to make an account, so easy to lvl a character at least to 50, eveyone can have a spy, but races are not that coordinated as to make that spy thing works, well, i cant imagine that atm, with everyone running sieges alone or in small teams just being worried about their contribution, the day ppl moves as race with actual coordination, its gonna be a different story, but i've never seen anything close to that in aion

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9 hours ago, Zurl said:

Aion players tend to be paranoid.

You should see the number of players on Nezekan who have view detail disabled.


Doesn't surprise me, it seems to have a lot of enclaves forming.

PvP  creates gear fear. Skill doesn't count, it's all about gear .... lol.

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