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Cannot run Aion on 64bit.


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Hello, Im a returning Aion Player after Katalam and Danaria updates.  A lot have changed I can see that.  Anyways upgraded my pc and decided to get back into aion.  Im on Windows 11, and yes I have no issue with running the game, my toon is actually sitting collecting free event  exp  right now.   I know there was a 64bit resolution before, but why am I not able to run 64bit? there's no option for that all except 32bit.  Ive finally come back and want to explore Aion Fully Max Out as before I wasnt able to.

I had look up before posting, but the posts are quite old, any new updates to this?

Is 64bit taken away?   How do I run 64bit with Aion?

Thanks in Advance.

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