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Herelym Mine AP

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See spreadsheet

Level 80-82 characters get maximum AP, as mobs and bosses are level 80.

  • Level 83: 90% AP
  • Level 84: 80% AP
  • Level 85: 70% AP

Monsters and bosses in this instance have 6.5 era stats - i.e. very low defense. Kerub gear is sufficient

2 Hererim Mine entry scrolls are available per week, 3 XP marks each, Lakrum renown level 7 required. Save these scrolls for AP events

  • Around 6,329,700 cumulative Lakrum renown to reach Lakrum level 7
    • Each Lakrum camp quest award 436,254 Lakrum renown
      • Do 15 of these quests (7.5 camps) gets you from level 1 to level 7
    • Weekly renown deduction is about 1,991,100
      • Do 5 of these quests (2.5 camps) per week to maintain level 7
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