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The launcher is disgusting


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The only solution I found for when that happens is to close the launcher and try again, keep doing that until it finally lets you in.

Another problem I found is when you already have a client running it will not let you launch a second client, when you click on the “start game” button, it will become unavailable and change to “playing” but the game won’t start, after around two minutes the launcher button will change to “start game” again. The only workaround I found was to close the first client.

The launcher keeps giving more and more trouble every day. I wonder if it would be possible to start the game without having to waste 20 minutes every time.

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4 hours ago, Nadiezhda-KT said:

La única solución que encontré para cuando eso sucede es cerrar el lanzador e intentarlo de nuevo, seguir haciéndolo hasta que finalmente te deje entrar.

Otro problema que encontré es que cuando ya tiene un cliente ejecutándose, no le permitirá iniciar un segundo cliente, cuando haga clic en el botón "iniciar juego", dejará de estar disponible y cambiará a "jugar", pero el juego no comenzará. , después de unos dos minutos, el botón de inicio cambiará a "iniciar juego" nuevamente. La única solución que encontré fue cerrar el primer cliente.

El lanzador sigue dando más y más problemas cada día. Me pregunto si sería posible iniciar el juego sin tener que perder 20 minutos cada vez.

That only works on some occasions. In other situations, even if you restart the launcher 8-10 times, it still happens. It's something that happens every week and causes an excruciating headache. I've lost instances and sieges because of this crap. I've been complaining for weeks and the moderators don't care.

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4 hours ago, Voltric-DN said:

lol, I've been complaining about this launcher since its release. Anyone think NCWest is listening? 🤨

I have made a post too back then that the launcher is nothing but extra steps that glitch and it didn't even load the news correctly.

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