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Depressing Christmas in Atreia


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Christmas in Atreia has felt lack luster in comparison to other events held this year. In addition, there has not been any rewards this holiday season for re-subscriptions to Siel's Aura - my 90 day re-sub this week did not net me any rewards as has existed in the past, 5-7 major crowns and then some...  Quite depressing. Likewise, there has not been any exciting drop events, boss rewards (remember the random godstone or manastone drop?).  The shugo shop for coins is quite expensive, major crowns used to be much cheaper than 150 tokens, for example. Sure, you get free weekly dice, but I feel much more could be done here. After all, this is the season of giving...

My point is that this whole holiday season thus far has felt like the Grinch stole Christmas - any opportunity for happiness with some sort of fun event e.g., double drop rate, 12 days of giving (12 days of Christmas), no soul healing penalty etc. has been lost as if the entire team is a bunch of Scrooges. Any comments @Roseae  @EMpulse

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They've always been scrooges. "Event" to them means "pay to win". The many times recycled dino event was the only thing that gave anything and you had to fight others for the drops.

The only thing they do is double XP, double AP, and sometimes double drops. There's a gold drop event right now, for whatever that's worth.

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