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BCM Lockboxes and those Battlefield Scroll Bundles


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Lockboxes - 

When the lockboxes first came out there was 3 different types,  and they rotated about every month.  When you went to go purchase the Key you also saw the items tht were obtainable from said lockboxes.

Also the idea was that anything obtained from said lockboxes would be useable in game.  There hasn't been an update to the possible rewards these lockboxes bring in over 3 years. Even though the game and tokens have massively changed.

I would like to see the current list of what is obtainable in the current BCM Lockboxes. 

Why hasn't this item been reworked? 

Golden Lockbox Cache - 

I'd also like to get the list of items obtained in the "Golden Lockbox Cache" Box that you can purchase from the lockbox coin vending machine for 50 coins.  Its states on the description that it contains "Rare items from lockboxes" .  I've opened a few of these lately.  Manastones are not Rare items.  

I'm going to probably guess this needs to be reworked as well. 

Battlefield Entry Scroll Bundles- 

Quick Reminder of what these are- 

It's a Bundle of Battlefield (PvP Instance) Reset Scrolls you get to choose from .  Illumiel Brawl, Ashunatal Dredgion, Evergale Canyon, and Idgel Dome specifically.

You do know that you removed all of the PvP battlefield instances with the start of 8.3 right?   You did add 2 new ones, but then you removed one of those.  Which leaves us with only one PvP battlefield instance left in this game.

(We're not going to go into how badly people dislike it due to the true abuse of cheating and manipulation of wins to get the 1200 Hero Coin Rewards to then turn around and sell on the Broker for upwards of 20 Billion  Kinah.)

But my point is it's 5 months into 8.4 patch. so they've been gone almost a year now and your still making that bundle that has absolutely  no use in todays game a reward for Lockbox items.  And even worse, your still selling it and saying it's a hot seller on the BCM.  Why on earth hasn't that item been removed from the Black Cloud Market Place and the Lockboxes?  And when i asked for a new key to replace the junk I couldn't even use, not saying it was bad loot, it was loot that no longer useable or impacted the game what so ever. 

So in Conclusion-  Let's Go over what I want to see from you in the next couple of days NCWest.

1. Full List of the current "Black Cloud Market Lockbox" Possible Rewards

2. List of current "Golden Lockbox Cache" Possible Rewards. 


3. An explanation on why you have kept the Battlefield Scroll Bundle in the lockboxes, in game, and for sale on the Black Cloud Market.   

Thank you, I look forward to discussing these lists with you soon. 


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This Post was oringally created 5 days ago on Sunday.  It was posted on a Sunday for a reason,  would anyone like to guess why? 

As of Friday Morning , the topic has had 105 Views, I remember when I was looking it over  I think 1 or 2 days after it was posted I noticed that one of the peope who was  aslo currently at the same time "Reading This Thread" was EMPulse.

So, you seen my question but in a full work week at the offices there, you couldn't even aknowledge it?   At the very least I was hoping to see something along the lines of this:

"Hey these are great questions, while i don't have the information directly infront of me at the moment I've put in a request for the information from the Sales/Events Team and the Dev./Opperations Team to see if a they have a current list, or worst case find the files in game and rebuild a new list based on the current game files.  This might take a bit of time but wanted you to know, that your right, you shouldn't be spending money on items that have no meaning or use in our game. Lets see if we cant fix that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and thank you for your patience!"   -  NCWest Fictional Employee 

 (This response would have gotten someone Employee of the Month)

But no, you have not responded.  To either aknowledge questions or answer them as was requested.

What bothers me is this: EMPulse your the middle man and NCWest's Face for thier games and who we get our information from concerning everything about the game at this time.  

So why is it that you've only had 3 postings this entire week on the forums.    You took over the position in June of 2022 so you've had the job now for 34 weeks.  Your total posting in that time is 128 posts.  Let's do the math.....

Your average weekly posting  to communicate with both the Aion and Aion Classsic communities is  3.7 posts a week.  to be the representiive of NC west to the players of BOTH Aion and Aion Classic.  - and of those 3.7 posts per week we know that 2 of them are dedicated to the Weekly Announcement about the Server Maintence.


I think you can do better than that, EMPulse.  I think your job requres you to do better than that.   Do either you or your supervisor ever stop and ask yourselves, am I accomplishing the job I was hired to do,   No, not at all.  Start doing your job or let your bosses know that someone should be the face and voice of your company.  You better  start caring about your position and fulfill your responsibilities , or find someone else that does and weill do it better than you. 

Thread after thread after thread in which we the players are posting questions about the game and they are simply being ignored and unanswered.  You have requested that we post these here via comments from our submitted tickets to support.  You created the different Catagories and Sub=Catagories  and the flow of how conversations and Questions about different aspects of the game should be presetned.  Why if your intention is to set it up then see how quickly it would fail, when everyoen turns thier back on something. 



Again I ask you 3 Questions: 

On 1/15/2023 at 12:31 AM, Mystier-DN said:

1. Full List of the current "Black Cloud Market Lockbox" Possible Rewards

2. List of current "Golden Lockbox Cache" Possible Rewards. 


3. An explanation on why you have kept the Battlefield Scroll Bundle in the lockboxes, in game, and for sale on the Black Cloud Market.   

How long will it take to get these 2 lists and an explination as to why this work wasn't ever done.


PS.  You don't want me to go digging and actually provide the answers myself.  I'm sure I could get it, but at that point, the level of shame and embarressment  you'd be feeling, the amount of people that would be looking for new jobs, becasue I absolutely will share this experience with all levels and all deparments and Managment and Senior management and future concerned players  that this is how NCSoftt cares about the concerns of it's players... it doesn't, ever. 


If you can't show your current players a little more respect and care.  Trust me, we will make sure you don't get anymore new players. IT will be our way of thanking you and keeping your love all to ourselves.  I know.. we're selfish like that.....  Thank you for making us the community we are today, and giving us the morals and expectaions not seen or experienced in any respected mature gaming  community you want to be proud of but never can be.

Lets not go there.  Get it done.  

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Found the patch notes saying the lockboxes got updated when we had a big update (because they got added as drops in a few more places):



1. Updated lockbox contents.

- The Black Cloud Lockbox Cache and Golden Lockbox Cache have each received major overhauls.

2. Updated the sales lists of the Lockbox Vending Machine.

3. Added Lockbox drops to the following zones and instances:

Lockbox Drops

Crimson Katalam

Crimson Danaria

Benirunerk’s Estate (Easy)

Benirunerk’s Estate (Normal)


4. Added a rare chance to obtain a Black Cloud Lockbox Key to drops in the following instances:

Lockbox Key Drops

Benirunerk’s Estate (Easy)

Benirunerk’s Estate (Normal)


On 1/20/2023 at 1:15 PM, Mystier-DN said:

PS.  You don't want me to go digging and actually provide the answers myself.  

Remembered where it was for you :)

20 hours ago, EMpulse said:

Got confirmation today that on the prod/dev side, they know these need updating and are looking into doing so - they just don't have an ETA as of yet. When they do, I'll update you all.

Thanks much,


Can we give you guys a list of ideas for what we would like to see inside?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for finally getting back to me.  

 I still however would like see both lists before all is said and done. 

There are definately things that simply need to be removed and with out an idea of whats in there, it's hard to point them out.  


Currently the List form 2018 is very old but almost seems to be current truth be told, to bad they didnt give any more then "Changes were made" during the Return to Katalam Patch when they briefly discussed them.


As to item that should be remomved:

-The Battlefield Instance Scroll Bundles.  - (Also needs to be removed from BCM Sales as well)

-The Instance Scroll Bundle, and Instance Scroll Bundle 2 should both be removed and the New Instance Reset Scroll which currently allows you to reset any of the instaces n use at this time that they gave away during the last winter wonderland event would be a better option.   Would even be a better scroll for sale on the bcm as well. 

- Advanced Platinum Cubicle Bundle - IT's a single cubic.  one.  and when all platinum cubis are 180 no matter instance/stat  a single one is silly, specially when we can buy the already with hero coins and select the one we want ( This version is totally random) and farm thim in groups of 10 per sack from Kaldor and are available for purchase on the broker. 

- Cute Minion Contract (14 types) - It not horrible, except the fact that getting B Minimum and C Minimum is next to impossble.  And tht fact that between Kerub Quests, and Aspa Quests you hand out the 5 A Type Summoning scrolls like candy these days.   Keep the 5 typa A scrolls, but ditch the cute contracts which usually give b and c and then they just sit there never to be upgraded.

- MAJOR ANCIENT CROWNS - these old relics provide 10k Abyss points.  Any of the bosees is Herelym mine gives at lease 200K Abyss points.   The Hidden Objects used to give 1.5m ap per pop. These crowns are from when we used to collect relics, we don't anymore, we simply collect AP and GP.   Maybe something new?  Something that gives out enough AP that it's not a slap in the face.  5-10m AP from a chest would mean an upgrade paid for an accessory, or stigma, and since Hidden's are gone we are really lacking the ability to farm AP like we did previously.

- Legendary Manastone Selection Chests -  No one wants them, You toss tem out like candy that we all toss already.  If you have to keep the Ultimate fine, but get rid of the Legendary

- Glyph Enchantment Scrolls (5pack)  - Why are these here.  The only way to get a new glyph is to make it with Glyph marks and when you do you get the Glyph selection box and 5 enchantment scrolls to enchant it.   So there's no where to use these.  Glyphs dno't randomly drop, it's always a combo box that already has scrolls.   Get rid of this.  And remove it from the BCM too.  They shouldn't be needed to purchase, and your having it there is just hoping someone who doesn't understand your game gets suckered into buying it.  (Shame on you for not making it clear, and Shame on you for hoping your customers are stupid and going for that $5.00, cause that $5 probably made them quit cause you think so lowly of them...all those future sales you could have had)

The 2 bags with crafting materials.   First off no one crafts execpt the recipies that don't requrire any leveling in crafting cause everything that is high level is junk. There's nothing that is crafted that the Free Kerub Set doen't destroy, accessory, armor, feathers, or weapons.  It's all crap and no one makes it.  So stop giving the two bundles that provide the crafting matierals for leveling up.  If someone wants to really level it, they can farm it in Lakrum very very easily and the amount that people have off WB fights that go to waste is sad.  Don't put them in lockboxes anymore.

Those are ones that should be removed that I can see off the old list and off the top of my Head.  Once I see the actual current Lockbox list I'll add to these.

Can't say what to remove off the Golden Lockbox Cache til we know whats in them.


Now Suggestions on New items for Lockboxes -

-Blessed Ultimate Paragon Stones - 

- S-Rank Minion Scrolls (Random)   (Put the Selectable Version in the Golden Lockbox Cache)

- Pet Eggs - Specifically  Pack Pets Eggs.   Currently there is no way in game to get more than a 6 pack pet.   But I myself have the a couple 12's , couple 18s, 24, 26, couple 30's, 32, 34, pack pets.   (They say that all same pack pets have the same storage, but I know with the 12, 18, and 30's there were 2 lists.   A list and B List pets.  A had one collective storage for those pets, and B List had it's own sepearte Storage site for those on that list.  Could we get those non sharing pets lists?   I know the BCM has a bunch of 12 pack and 18 pack and i would guess you have some that don't overlap so as to increase your sales.   (PS - from a marketing/Sales point o view) Why they nyerk aren't you puttting anywhere in the pet description that they are pack pets.   there's like 10 or more of them currently on the BCM and 90% of them never mention that they have storage anywhere in thier descriptions.   THE BEST SELLING POINT OF THOSE PETS AND YOU DONT LET ANYONE KNOW ABOUT IT?  Really?  

- GuestBlooms - Dye Guestbloom - Special Wing Guest Bloom - The stacking Dolls, The Cat Weapon, there's still a bunch of guest blooms are useful today in game. But a few years back you removed the Guestbloom Sales NPCs. and you cna no longer buy them in game.  Strange when your daily oriel quest is to give you guestbloom fertilizer, something you can't use anywhere cause there's no more guestblooms in game to fertiize which means no more guest petals can be obtained, which means the guest petal merchants that sell the best furniture in game for housing, are usless cause no one has the required currency anymore.  Why you didn't ever thing that though is beyond me.....(you should probably bring back the guestbloom merchants either way, but maybe some unqite ones to lockboxes would be a nice addition)  Specially the illuminated Plant Guestbloom (gave TEN Guestpetals for ever fertillization... BEST GUEST BLOOM EVER!!!!)

- Apostle Legendary Transformation Contracts (Random for all 12)   -  Super Rare - You put them in there, keys are going to start selling in droves.  Maybe put the the selectable version of the Apostle Contract Box  in the Golden Cache - Or make it so each month gets a different contract.  Jan = Marchutan's Apostle  Feb = Zikel's Aostles and so on and so forth, or one from the top combineable 6 and one from the bottom non combinable 6 combined into a single scroll - normal would be a combineable apostle but you could get one fo the 6 non combine with rare chance.

- Reset Scrolls and Keys for the Colloseium - Reset Scrolls for the Lower and Mid Levels - and Keys for the Rewards Entry for the upper level. 

- Oath Stones - Current Content in Lockboxes... who would have thought

- Holywaters for our Relics - 

- The Ultmate Selection Boxes for Burning, Dark Talon, items that no longer have and NPC that sells them nor drop from any instance.  Selection boxes so we can work on our item collections with out having to spend 50 Exp Marks on a single box, there's so many things people need to spned EXP Marks on something that instantly over steps that crafting, would be very amazing and honestly not game breaking cause there's so many Enchantment levels to each collections that poeple will need the same items 3-4 times per 6-9 pieces set.  It's still going to take forever, but a little joy every now and then is exactly what lockboxes are supposed to be.

- Glory Points -  Rather than giving crowns for AP -  Scroll you can turn in for 50-250 glory points would add some new unknown fun to the rankings. 

- Paragon Equipment Boxes

- Legendary Contract Selection boxes (10 Types) - 

- Ultimate Contract Boxes - We have 1 so far with the og 4 ultimate, and another Ultimate Contract Box Crafted with shards and Breaths,  Maybe a New just released and upcoming Ultmate Box would be a good addition.

  • - Original Ultimate Selection Box - March, Kas, Tiamat, and Erish for one type of box
  • The New Ultimate Selection Box - Yustiel, Lumiel, and the 2-3 that are due to arrive in 8.5 patch   (Korea Just Got Them)   *Also this is probably better suited for Golden Lockbox Cache than the basis lockboxes.
  •  - Ultimate Shards + Ultimate Breath of Life  - Nezekan and  Zikel - should reamain as is.  


- Dazzling Gemstone Shard Boxes - 5 to 10 shards in each box= Color selectable 

- Prime Runestone Shard Boxes -5 to 10

 - Reset Scrolls for Prime Runestones  (Thinking out loud with this suggestion)  Just like the Reset Stones to be used on our accessoroes to get the color or shape we desire we need someting to reroll the Prime Runestone we get since you can't combine to get different ultimates. doing so will never make a new ultimate.  (Combinging Gemtsones of other classes would be nice for the Gemstone PRoblem)  - With each new Ultimate the odds of getting a useful prime that you want drops dramatically.  When we just had the orginal 4  you had a 25% chance to get a Prime Runestone of the Ultimate you wanted and a 33% chance to get the type you wanted and either a 25% to 33% chance to get the basic skill you wanted.   So if I wanted a Attack Runestone of Destiney : Additional Atack I had about a 2% chance of getting it when I combined 100 Shards.   And that's when there were only 4 Ultimates.   Now we have 8-  12.5 percent to get the ulitmate you want, 33% to get the type, and 25%to 33% chance to get exactly the runestone you want. 

That's less than 1% for combining 100 Primes.  Then if you wanted one of the Rare Skills.  You had to combine 2 Primes of the same Ultimate Type, and Same Type (Support Boost or atttack) to get the rare skill.   Cause combinging different Ultimate Prime Runestonse = Both Destroyed and you end up with a Normal Runestone.   The worst mistake you could make,and has been made before we figured the rules for Primes.  

There are to many Ulitmate Transformation currrently and soon to becoming into the game in the future, to make Prime Runestones effectlively enough to get enough to get 3 of one type to start enchanting for your transformation buff.  And lets not forget that even if you get 3 of the same ultimate type, your accessories may not hold all three because they too are rng on the shape you get adding just one more thing.    So we need to the oppertunity to chose which shape we want on our accessories, Select one of the three types or choose the current random method.  Selecting =  no Blessing Bonuses.    Current RNG Method and Blessing Bonuses Statys the same.  To much in game is RNG - Stop slowing us down cause you can't come up with new shit to add to the game.  Start Developing new stuff.  Quit letting RNG be the hardest thing in the game.   


So there some suggestion to get you started and give you ideas.  


Thaks again for responding, but still am honesty waiting for the two lists and why unusable items are still being sold on the BCM.   


Thank you !

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1 hour ago, Mystier-DN said:

Currently the List form 2018 is very old but almost seems to be current truth be told, to bad they didnt give any more then "Changes were made" during the Return to Katalam Patch when they briefly discussed them.

The page was made 10/23/2018|Sales|By Cyan,  but it was [Updated 1/29/2020], the day after the patch.

There must have been a change in the boxes since then that was overlooked.

The prizes you can buy from the vending machine do not match the list up on the website.

Anyways, to recap what we do know:

Current Vending Machine List


Current Lockbox contents

[List needed]

2020 Vending Machine List


2020 Lockbox contents


2018 Vending Machine List

  • Boxed Bitbunny
  • Guiding Stone Bundle
  •  Kibrium Bundle
  • Golden Lockbox Cache
  • Grade A Minion Contract (5 types) Chest
  • Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle
  • Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle
  • Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle
  • Transparent Transformation Scroll Box
  • Transformation Scroll Bundle
  • Cute Minion Contract Bundle
  • Transformation Contract Bundle
  • Glittering Heart Weapon Selection Box
  • Cute Kitter Selection Box
  • Ancient Engraved Manastone Selection Box
  • Legendary Engraved Manastone Selection Box
  • Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box
  • Bundle of 20 Grade A Minium
  • Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box
  • Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box
  • Wild Kitter Weapon Selection Box
  • Special Transformation Contract Bundle (64 types)
  • Ancient Transformation Contract Bundle (19 types)
  • Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box
  • Flawless Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box
  • Grade S Minium Bundle
  • Ancient Transformation Contract (19 types)

2018 Lockbox contents

  •  Cute Kitter Selection Box x1
  •  Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box x1
  •  Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box x1
  •  Wild Kitter Weapon Selection Box x1
  •  Grade S Minium x25
  •  Daevanion Essence Box x1
  •  Ancient Transformation Contract (19 types) x1
  •  Grade A Minion Contract (5 types) Chest x1
  •  100% Manastone Enchant Supplement Selection Box x1
  •  Stigma Enchantment Stone x5
  •  Daevanion Skill Selection Box x1
  •  Sophisticated Platinum Cubicle Bundle x1
  •  Berdin's Lucky Star x1
  •  Abyssal Star x1
  •  Abyssal Star x3
  •  Abyssal Star x10
  •  Administrator's Boon – 1-Time Pass x3
  •  Berdin's 50% Drop Amulet x1
  •  Berdin's 100% Drop Amulet x1
  •  Berdin's 100% XP Amulet IV x1
  •  Berdin's 100% XP Amulet IV x3
  •  Major Ancient Crown x2
  •  Major Ancient Crown x10
  •  Stigma Box x1
  •  Stigma Box x3
  •  Greater Minion Contract x1
  •  Major Minion Contract x1
  •  Cute Minion Contract (14 types) x1
  •  Bronze Cubicle Bundle x1
  •  Silver Cubicle Bundle x1
  •  Level 80 Manastone Box x1
  •  Level 80 Manastone Box x5
  •  Socket Stone x25
  •  Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone x1
  •  Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone x3
  •  Transformation Scroll x5
  •  Transparent Transformation Scroll x5
  •  Superior Recovery Serum x5
  •  Superior Recovery Serum x10
  •  Ancient Transformation Potion Chest x1
  •  Ancient Transformation Potion Chest x3
  •  Lucky Kinah Chest x1
  •  Guiding Stone Bundle x1
  •  Kibrium Bundle x1
  •  Lockbox Coin x1
  •  Lockbox Coin x2
  •  Lockbox Coin x5
  •  Lockbox Coin x25
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