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Aion Classic 2.5+


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This is just a friendly post to give people a link to some helpful info regarding some of the changes that Aion Classic Korea saw in 2.5+. I've done the grunt work of translating things and getting them all put into one spot so that people can take a look and at least get some kind of idea of what's to come. Hopefully we will get our NA 2.5 patch notes soon, as I'd love to compare and see how much we get compared to what KR got over just a couple of months. :3 


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2 hours ago, Fungie said:

i was expecting maybe a part 2 for the patch notes but it doesn't look like we are getting that . - . 

Yea, same. :C It looked like they took stuff from a few of the different 2.5+ updates that KR got and shoved 'em into our notes but they excluded a lot as well. I thought maybe they would do a separate patch note thing for Padmarashka but, that doesn't seem to be the case unless they plan on releasing it tomorrow. 

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7 hours ago, Cyfur said:

I thought Padmarashka  was in Aion 2.7 not 2.5.


2.5 in Korea was July 20th, and Padma was the 3rd little mini update to 2.5 on August 10th!~ :3 Our patch notes even mentioned some alterations to the dungeon but did not even tell us that we're getting the dungeon.... Ah, here I found it for you: "The stats of Neonate Drakan, Hatched Veteran Drakan in Padmarashka's Cave have been adjusted" And there's another reference to the windstream being added that takes you to the dungeon entrance, which was another change that came a bit after Padmarashka was added in Korea. 

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