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Designs to craft weapon | Alchemy


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I have 500 pts in alchemy and I´m trying to craft my spellbook in the asmo´s side. In order to do so I need to craft "Worthy Darkwater Tome", but where can I found the design of that tome (Design: Worthy Darkwater Tome) besides of the broker? According to the aion codex and aion power book you can buy those designs from Grad (alchemy´s vendor), nonetheless the npc doesn´t sell that design, either:  

  • Design: Expert Darkwater Tome
  • Design: Red Heliotrope Crystal

Is there any other place where I can buy those? Someone told me that when I reach 500 some items will "appear" to be bought but the npc have the exact same items that before. 

Thanks in advance.

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I know for a fact that upon obtaining Master status in the craft you will obtain the recipe automatically for Design: Red Heliotrope Crystal. It will simply appear in your crafting list~ The Tome design you mention is likely a drop in this version, unfortunately. :(  I'll double check the NPC in a bit and if it's not in there then it's something you have to loot/buy off broker/buy from someone who got the design as a drop. 

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