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What's Inside the Ancient Transformation Promotion Bundles


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What an adventure it has been trying to solve my own question. There may be errors in some of this, but I tried to be as accurate as possible with my findings.


For the sale they posted up a few weeks ago:

  • Hanbok Cuddly/Comfy Apostle Transformation Shard Bundle 







  • Hanbok Cuddly/Comfy Harvest Revel Transformation Shard Bundle 





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  • You must have 3 spaces open in your inventory to claim the bundle from the express mail.
  • Every scroll is RNG. There is nothing selectable from the scrolls.
  • Because there are no selections, you can get a duplicate from the 2 type scrolls the shards combine into when you use it.
  • I was surprised just how many extra transformations were in both of the scrolls. I wasn't expecting to see  cat doctor stuff inside.
  • For who knows what reason, Colory is not a reward from the scrolls. If it is, then their math is wrong and they should be 69 and 71 type scrolls.
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  • The RNG of getting anything ancient and higher is awful from the 68/70 type scrolls. (400 scrolls= 8 older ancient, 1 cuddly ancient, 0 legendary)
  • The apostle contracts have 10 of the basic legendary transformations inside the box alongside the 6 first apostles.
  • The autumn contracts work the same way, just replace the 6 apostles with the 4 original pixels. 
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