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Help unban my account


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Ironically, I have seen many people over the years  joke about the use of hacking tools or wanting to sell their accounts during times of embarrassing defeat. This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone getting reported and perma-banned for such a joke.

NCWEST, you have committed a horrible injustice with this action. We ask you to reconsider.

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Hello. I write to support unban of Shotbot for two reasons:

1.most probably someone that play daily won't sell his/her account for 10 cents

2.Server is on problems related to pvp content due to unbalanced factions. Most asmo play pve mainly and alts waiting someone else organise them on siege, world bosses, mainly cause are dissapointed. 

Shotbot is one of few asmo that try do something so he is important. 

I am sure all players asmo and ely knows that pvp dies enterily Will be no reason invest to get gear. 

Thanks in advance

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