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How can I tell what faction my characters are?

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I haven't played the game since almost launch it was so long ago. The game is giving me nothing but stupid errors telling me to hit okay that I can't start a new character. Something about not being able to have both factions on one server. Well I haven't a clue which one of my characters is what. I really don't know anything about the game anymore to continue off on another one. How do I tell what faction they are to delete them?

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You can log in on them and see what areas they have access to. If they can just teleport to Sanctum, Iluma, Cygnea, Inggison, Poeta, Verteron, etc, they are Elyos. If they can teleport to Pandaemonium, Norsvold, Enshar, Gelkmaros, Ishalgen, Altgard, etc, they are Asmodians. Just teleport to your bind point and see what area you end up in. If it is a neutral region, it depends on where your base is; Levinshor (Elyos are northwest, Asmodians southeast), Kaldor (south are Elyos, north Asmodians).

Otherwise, you cannot tell by just looking at them. Unless you were away for more than a year and didnt change the skin tones of your characters after they re-did character creation. Asmodians had purple/blue/green/bright pink skin tones, Elyos had more realistic skin tones. 

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