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#Justice for Shotbot


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Justice for Shotbot.   I am writing to all those who want to read this, which is surely already known to many of you. A dear friend of ours and our Legion Leader Shotbot was unfairly banned for a joke he posted on lfg. Shotbot wrote that "a Ranger account was being sold, but I didn't mean it, but because of the frustration that is felt before each harvest or defense or some event that involves pvp; due to the great numerical difference between both factions. Being that the side Elio easily triples the Asmodian side, making it impossible to win against such a numerical difference. Many times we have asked for a solution to this situation, as well as to all those who use hacks, of which for GMs, any proof is insufficient or invalid. Now for some useless and resentful player who wanted to use our friend's prank as a means to get rid of Shotbot. And no matter how many tickets he sent, none of them have an answer and even the post he thought was closed, since another GM suggested this measure. Ncsoft is showing that aion players are not interested, much less the possible loss of a faction. We only ask you to respond to our friend Shotbot's tickets and/or show the proofs ebas of the infringement and verify that he was indeed selling an account. We just want justice for Shotbot and to be heard

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