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Who plays Aion?


Who plays Aion?   

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  1. 1. What is your age?

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Just to have an idea of how is composed the game population.

This is the game where i found the most etherogenicity of people. Pls join the poll!

Thank you all

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I'm playing mmorpgs last 13 years. For now, on market all top games using the same model focusing donation. Feels like only appearence changes, but mechanis of games still the same. That's boring.  For me Aion, still best game! 

But this server got huge problems with cheaters, never seen simular problems. There is so many bots, ppl who actualy using scripts don't undrestood theirs true interest is died to game. 
Also paid system for Siels buffs and restrictions, literaly pusshIng players from this game. I know more then 50 plaers who won't pay for this and they removed client after forst week.  So the audience really small, in most cases it's twin chars of kinah sells, bot users etc. 
Administration, if u read it! It's time to make some changes, and make Aion great again.

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