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Dark Lord Set (Skins)


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We are now well into Week 3 of the Dungeon Legacy Event🥳



This is my favorite armor set and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Reminder: Any class can use any set pieces on their armor. (Yes, a chain top can be skinned with leather (skin) top, etc! Wooohooo! Now I can look like a ranger 😅)


Week 3-4 (February 8- February 22): Primeth's Forge (Hard) Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard)









Week 1-4 (January 25 – February 22): Heart of Apsaranta 

Glass Wings/Dark Wings (Cloth armor)



Bonus photos of the Chain set (with Dark wings and Dark Lord's Delight mace):




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I also want to make note that the item type listed on these skins do not match up.  

You need to look at the name and the image icon of each part!

All the Tops say: 'Armor'

All the Shoulders, Hands and Feet say: 'Plate'

All the Bottoms say: 'Clothes'

I do not know why they got translated like that 🙄

[item: 125060118]     Dark Lord's Bandana (Skin)
[item: 111650209]     Dark Lord's Sorcerer Gloves (Skin)
[item: 113050023]     Dark Lord's Sorcerer Leggings (Skin)
[item: 112650209]     Dark Lord's Sorcerer Pauldrons (Skin)
[item: 114650209]     Dark Lord's Sorcerer Shoes (Skin)
[item: 110905228]     Dark Lord's Sorcerer Tunic (Skin)

[item: 125060116]     Dark Lord's Chain Helm (Skin)
[item: 114650211]     Dark Lord's Cleric Brogans (Skin)
[item: 113050025]     Dark Lord's Cleric Chausses (Skin)
[item: 111650211]     Dark Lord's Cleric Hanguards (Skin)
[item: 110905230]     Dark Lord's Cleric Hauberk (Skin)
[item: 112650211]     Dark Lord's Cleric Spaulders (Skin)

[item: 125060117]     Dark Lord's Hat (Skin)
[item: 114650210]     Dark Lord's Marksman Boots (Skin)
[item: 113050024]     Dark Lord's Marksman Breeches (Skin)
[item: 110905229]     Dark Lord's Marksman Jerkin (Skin)
[item: 112650210]     Dark Lord's Marksman Shoulderguards (Skin)
[item: 111650210]     Dark Lord's Marksman Vambrace (Skin)

[item: 125060115]     Dark Lord's Helm (Skin)
[item: 110905231]     Dark Lord's Gladiator Breastplate (Skin)
[item: 111650212]     Dark Lord's Gladiator Gauntlets (Skin)
[item: 113050026]     Dark Lord's Gladiator Greaves (Skin)
[item: 114650212]     Dark Lord's Gladiator Sabatons (Skin)
[item: 112650212]     Dark Lord's Gladiator Shoulderplates (Skin)

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Thank you - I hope enough people see this - will post in our discord. Our first 2 runs we thought everything was plate as it said "plate" as you pointed out, of course those are the 3 pieces that drop most often. We were confused maybe from last boss. 

Over 20 runs and 0 Leather tops, 1 Cloth top and plenty of Chain and Plate tops from last chest. Not fun for people going for those 2 sets. 

This will help a lot - after 20 runs I got it, but I'm sure a lot of people don't know.


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