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Weekly Server Maintenance - February 15, 2023 [Aion Classic]


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  • Aion Team

Greetings Daevas!

Tomorrow we will be holding our regularly scheduled maintenance for Aion Classic.
Downtime will begin at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC), and will conclude after approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes.

The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

  • 2.5 Update: Daeva's Counterattack
  • Twisted Draupnir Cave Event Ends
  • Daeva Pass Season 20 Ends
  • Black Tiger Event Pass Ends
  • Daeva Pass Season 21 Begins
  • Valentine's Day Event Pass Begins

Known Issues:

  1. Tiak Research Center’s Repeating Quests Rewards is still Gold Medals instead of Platinum Medals
  2. Vasharti Vindicator is not spawning in the Tempus Lab Dungeon thus unable to proceed
  3. Empyrean Crucible Point & Reward Issue

We are trying to get these issues fixed as soon as possible and will keep posted. Thanks to those of you who reported it to us, and we very much appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Thank you!

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36 minutes ago, Tartarugax said:

@RoseaeCan u please inform us what godstones are gonna be in the event bundle? Just the blue damage ones? or Silence, blind, etc...?

How do you know there are godstones in the event bundle?


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  • Aion Team
10 hours ago, Cyfur said:

How do you know there are godstones in the event bundle?


Here are the list of Godstones available from the [Event] Deadly Heroic Godstone Box:

  •  Godstone: Traufnir's Bravery
  •  Godstone: Boreas's Encouragement
  •  Godstone: Freyr's Wisdom
  •  Godstone: Thrasymedes' Wit
  •  Godstone: Sif's Knowledge
  •  Godstone: Sigyn's Intelligence
  •  Godstone: Jumentis's Agility
  •  Godstone: Charna's Cleverness
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@RoseaeSo far spoted few issues:
1) Tiak medal quest, has not been updated as the note said, still giving 3 golds and not a plat
2) Daily PvP quest NPC, for Plat medal fragments, not there, shows on map, but no npc there
3) Dred dropping lvl 30+- itens (greend and blues)
4)There are no quest, or quest npc regarding either of the Crucibles, i assumed there would be? (Since every (both pvp and pve) dungeon on hisotry of aion, had quests related)
5)Cant find the npc for the New group ranked dungeon

And this is just 30m into the new patch. Comments please, will it stay like this? we getting a new maintence? Please inform us.
Roll back? Second Maintence? Fixing on next maintence? or simply ignoring those issues

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@RoseaeFollowing issues, which strongly need a roll back
6- Padma eternals droping near mitrank
7-Bt eternals dropping in subterranea
8-Taha eternals dropping near expedition
9-some randon eternals (i didnt even know it was in game) dropping from normal mobs
10- Both new changes with the same name "Tempus whatever"
11- No rewards from the "tempus" instance

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