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You never know what tommorow may bring

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New maintance day, new roulette.

We cannot guess what will each new maintance bring to us, it is becoming interesting to play this way. It also seems that we are paying roulette game rather than mmo. I am looking forward to play this game even more. Today something has value, tommorow it doesnt, today you can exchange relics for 150 percent, tommorow maybe for original value or even 200 percent, today you may drop some manastones, tommorow you may get manastone for each mob you pwn or even you may not drop it never again, and so on.

 As addidas campaing once said "Impossible is nothing" really refers to Nc West team activities. Thanks Team for amusing us, keep doing a good works..

Only thing that is stable are bots and investigation if  are they doing anything suspicious. Obivously they are playing fair and paying their bills fair aswell.

At the other hand, Diablo and Throne and liberty are being published soon, so i have to give again a compliment to Team, most of us will be gone to try new games, bots will stay, good job on seeing and keeping the most valauble customers.




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Tomorrow maybe they'll hand out a piece of the best pvp armor for no reason again.

The P2W cash shop is even more crazy. Maybe they'll sell L110s again. Or they'll sell fort reset scrolls, then randomly swap them for Besh reset scrolls. Maybe they'll give out a lifetime supply of boons by accident again. Or instead of fixing the stigma problem, they'll put some in the shop -- but they'll be level 50+ stigmas that nobody needs and they'll inexplicably stop selling them shortly after. Who knows what P2W casino shenanigans come next?

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