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False Advertisement


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Hello NCSoft team,

Please understand that due to the changes in 2.5, what we are paying for is not what is being advertised. 

Kinah Drops: 150% - still not fixed after 2 weeks. The economy is going downhill again with enchantment and manastones prices through the roof due to shortages. 2 weeks worth of siels aura without this feature. 

Abyss Point Acquisition (relics) - addressed today by your team, however, we had 2 weeks worth of siels aura that we paid for without this feature.

Due to the false advertisement, we expect some kind of reimbustment of giving us back the 2 weeks of siels aura (3 weeks next week), or additional relics/plat medals just like you did with the previous compensation. We are paying you for something you are advertising.

I came back to this game due to this advertisement, I will leave again (among many others) if this gets swept under the rug. Again.


Thank you.

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