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Essencetapping nodes in Oriel / Pernon have 20% to give a Guestpetal

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Each time you perform essencetapping in Oriel / Pernon, there is a 20% chance that you will get a Guestpetal

You need 48 Guestpetals to buy a permanent 2-drawer cabinet for your home (studio or open-world house)

You can also use Guestpetals to buy various furnitures too

Essencetapping in Oriel/Pernon is how you get Guestpetals in ReFly as guestblooms are no longer obtainable


Oriel / Pernon in-game essencetapping maps here (as of 7.2 but are be unchanged as of now)

(place .ump maps in UserMapPainting folder in your Aion installation folder)

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