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Is there any PvP instances anymore?


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Yes one that makes absolutely no sense at all. We had dredgions since beginning, why take it out? People who arent geared for pvp could still win pve. EC and KBF were getting lopsided and we'd struggle in those right now. They could have left ID and we'd have 6v6 which is good if matchups good.

IMO Bring back any of the dredgions and ID. 

IB was kinda lame.

Otherwise - rewards needed updated for sure. Put Hero Coins in 3 for win 1 for loss or 4 and 2. Arena is terrible a lot more people hack in there than elsewhere. We used to only need to pvp to get pvp gear, now you need to pve and even spend money. I could only guess they are slowly trying to get us off this server so they can shut it down and not pay us back? 🤷‍♂️

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