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Padma/Semata weapons have a hint message about their other part. What are they?

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You can sense a power inside the weapon that has been halved and is now incomplete. If you ever manage to find the other half and merge it together, you may witness its true power.

What is the other part the game is talking about and what do you have to do to merge them?


I guess it's not weapon fusion because even the 1-hand weapons like dagger and sword have the message.

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I remember the theory crafting people made up being that it was meant to be the first mythic weapon but they scrapped that idea when they realized no one could(more no one was attempting) do the dungeons w/o using sorcs to auto attack it or w/e it was.

Lots of different people have heard different theories about the flavour text from what i have heard.

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NCSoft had lofty ambitions in 2.0. Originally, forts didn't have a maximum capture counter on them. NC expected one faction would gain momentum and push into the enemy's map, take their forts, kill their bosses, then get forced back out after the enemy's frustration built, like waves washing up and down the coast. That didn't happen. One aspect of this was making padmarashka and sematariux be world bosses. They thought it was in any way possible that 1 player could get 1 of each weapon. They planned on having a means of combining them through a quest to make a mega weapon, but after many months of that clearly not happening, they decided to take padma in another direction, and even then as a 48 man raid, still nobody really killed padma outside of some glitch manipulation kills in late 2.X early 3.X. It was all just wishful thinking.

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