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Luna in 8.4 part 2


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6 hours ago, Voltric-DN said:

Wish they would add luna mats to the Daeva Pass already!!! Such a simple solution. Yet, something tells me even if they did add them to the pass, they would likely only add them to the upgraded pass. 🥲

The theory of this i think sounds good but lets use a hypothetical. Lets say they added luna to the daeva pass but did not did not add it to the upgraded pass. Knowing NCsoft and how they are doing things currently it would be the level 45 reward in the free pass and you would only get like 80 luna. Do you really see yourself doing 12 daeva passes a month to maximize your luna income?

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They need to put luna currency back into luna instance and remove the kinah recipe from the luna craft shop.

Bots wont' bother with it, actual player will use it to gain luna for their main account.


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On 3/10/2023 at 4:11 PM, The Secret Cow Level said:

Luna weekly

it is not even close to how much luna you can get from arenas

and we need luna to upgrade daeva pass if we want to - at least - stick to end game content.

@Loki @Roseae it has been months and we still don't have a fix on in-game Luna farm.


with the addition of the new currency, we don't have any other consistent way to get luna by in-game means.

this is really bad

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