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The Ashikar Legion Hideout Lv51 ~ 55 item drops.


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I tried this new 3 man instance for the first time and i was not surprised to find that it was basically siel's eastern/western fort instance with higher level mob replacements, I was even more not surprised to find these lv53-54 normal and elite mobs dropping items for lv30 players, hard balaur materials/Major fluxes used for crafting lvl30-33 stuff. Now I know this may be wishful thinking but I was hoping at least that you guys could update the drop tables to at least drop lvl 50+ materials given that it's a 51-55 level instance, I don't maybe that's just asking for too much here. It is starting to be embarrassing at this point that you get a new dungeon released and either you don't know to upgrade the loot that drops inside OR that you know the loot is broken and choose to leave it in that state when you release it OR you dont even bother to check and just release as is. I'll post some screenshots of the super awesome and helpful loot that we got inside.



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