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Aion subscription player classic account, no green drops, mob kinah Iron coin?

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Am unable to get green drops for my characters one item droped from named, after hours of play , no kinah from mobs. Cant gear my characters in green, get stones from mobs, experienced with aion as positive ''very'' in past ''true aion why I made my classic account. 


I Worry even iron coin merchant is not present. Checking but worried unable then to gear my characters for classic if no coin merchants. I hope to get past this using coin system for now. If nothing but my dev pass I will have to check. Do daevation lvl 30 quests still work using correct remembered stratagem or trying to for character.


Must wait till training camp  if  gear options elemenated, need to know about suggested path.  so and hope for coins.

Otherwise will need to craft my own gear early on. Dose the single player low level still work for mobs and gear at low levels the odella/mana stones enchant stones? Thats my hope. Bosses still drop loot right? Not joking am worried for play to not be disappointed.

I purchased quna in addition my sub and hold out great hope. Purchased some items.

Is there approved items I can purchase and sell on broker, I saw some listed!...for kinah from quna shope to get Kinah as no green items  drop to gear in or sell...then I could buy from players old greens/blues still posted... before issue when they still dropped and replace non dropped items/Kinah or is it in classic possible with Quna shop items,...so I can have Kinah and gear in the normal way for characters, besides quest gear... until drop issue fixed or iron coin/bronze, progressive?

I also might have nice pass item missing have to double check using upgrade pass strategy.

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If you follow the campaign quests you get a full armor set at 16, 26, 36 and have the ability to run Steel Rake 2x and get full steel rake set at 44.  As for enchants and manastones..good luck with that, drops are broken.

Instances do drop, so NTC , Kromede's trial, steel rake all will give a stigma or two if you are really luck.

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57 minutes ago, Ocha said:

I've done Kromede and Haramel 5 times each, not a single drop, not even 'white'.  Out of instances no drops either apart from junk; no weps or gear whatsoever.  I can't even afford to fuse my wep. 

I was surprised when I came back but have since discovered some shall me say challenge creative work around. When I played Aion before all the classic content was present, I came back and still there syncristicly speaking having learned this awful thing had happened with regular Aion but the simple truth that, for my content I only needed download classic to play real Aion.

There was a option for me to make it possible to return.

Then I discovered while this was so, no world drops or rather they exist but you need to kill hundreds. I only made this thread for love of the original game, the classic content was there when I started around 4-5, but some things are different, this is better than even this, save for the Kinah  world drops because/same. Players like a mmo where they begin its there game ie what was made, not a re-write of it.

The difference is my concern posts are for the love and perfection of Aion, not negative or unproductive ''this'' in any since.

I mean to preserve it, these games, like certain Anime are treasures. Players should be supportive and working to help. Do you know how rare the lore alone for a MM0 like Aion is? It supports culture in a right thinking since. I intend to see nothing happens to it ever, and the like.

Anyway with max effort in the interim, personnel stratagems, setting yourself little challenges, and getting creative there are work arounds for players. ''For the sake of enjoyment'' Posting these will help...its important not to give up.

Try active role play in addition. Do this in a mental reflective sense while playing as well as talking to the npcs, checking back with Munin for example with a attitude of elitism and expectation, a sense of Defiance and rage at certain early quest references (assumptions) yet oneness with the legacy of your character in pandemonium...(feel good about the lore)... considering conscious metaphor which is the real story of Aion...its visionary adapted metaphor which conceals a teaching for the player (different ones) like certain anime...but must allow for gameplay and the little story in a specific sense.

Also get serious about crafting.

Get excited have fun, they will get it fixed.


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8 hours ago, Ocha said:

I've done Kromede and Haramel 5 times each, not a single drop, not even 'white'.  Out of instances no drops either apart from junk; no weps or gear whatsoever.  I can't even afford to fuse my wep. 

... what

I did 6 kromede's trial runs and got 2 celestial armors, on top of some blue world drop armors, and blue armors from the bosses specific to the instance. Oh, and 2 kaliga keys for gold weapons. Haramel drops you Haramel armors nearly 100% of the time too.

The drop problem is real, but omg do people exaggerate about it on these forums.

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