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Should I included soul freeze in dps rotation ?


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I hope this is for a pve rotation... pvp I tended to use(retired from sorc in 4.9)arcane thunder bolt/somnolence  1st to buy the time to use Soul and similar long cast skills.


I also tend to play wierd, not so much a rotation but skills are off c/d, the situation if CC is needed, which dots/debuffs are still ticking for more than 5 seconds...

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I tend to include soul freeze into the dps rotation because of the cast time, so I rely on that for this case. Else I keep spamming, Freezing wind, flame fusion, flame cage, then flame harpoon (finish the chain) (or was it flame bolt), and then soul freeze, Wind cut down (archdaeva version is nice to keep a look out for too), jus try to keep having your fingers at the buffs when they reset and then to spam freezing wind/flame cage/flame fusion mostly and then followed by powerful fire moves, then move to moves with instant cast status or 0-2 second cast speed, then alternate with freezing wind/flame cage, etc, remember ur big moves tooo like storm strike, etc.

Also, I reference this website below to help me understand various class style dps rotations, which helps me get a good understanding on what is expected of my class. It helps me quite a bit and helps me to come up with my own variations too.


Since you are a sorc, click a sorc name there and then check out their dps skill rotation.  Anyhow so long as you spam freezing wind the most (I think 30% or so of the entire dps you do)

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