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So... another week without events?

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Most of the asmodian faction is already gone. Elyos are playing in our faces and stealing fortresses every siege.
People are about to drop the game and we have nothing to do at all.

Idk why i'm posting it here since the forums are dead too and we don't have CMs anymore

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This is assasinator/patrol/XII. I never wrote on forum before but I will be more than happy to move to Asmos to balance the factions but I don't think they would ever allow players to move to other faction. Well  I am just fighting spirit geared but I will be happy to help.

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I mean the patch comes out what? Tonight/tomorrow? i forget when but pretty sure it comes out soon.


Looks to me like there is plenty of events. probably a lot will be paid but there is still plenty of events.

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