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Bugs of [8.4 Part 2 Update] Apsaranta: The Grace


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  • Paragon Pass had no quests listed before the daily reset. After the daily reset they showed up, but Asmodian characters can not progress through it and remain stuck at Level 1, 0/100.
  • Multiple quests In Apsaranta are still giving the Veilbreaker/Lifekeeper FEXP from the old season, instead of Lethal Hymn/Daeva of Zephyr FEXP.
  • So many NPCs have untranslated Korean text .
  • NPC "Chioring" was mistranslated/typo'd and should read as "Cheering"  or at least "Choiring" .
  • Players have not received their mailed rewards for the GP season that just ended.
  • Players received the new season's rewards for their Arena prizes instead of the previous ones that included Luna .
  • The Secret Munitions Factory (Luna Weekly) reset time is still Wednesday instead of being moved to Tuesday
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I was told by support that they are unable to provide ranking rewards since these are automatically calculated based on your ranks and cannot be provided by the support team manually. So how do we remedy this or do we just get the finger? @GM Vega @Primali

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