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PSA: Instance Server breaks the Paragon Event Pass


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Going into the Instance Server (LFG, red portals, etc.) breaks the Paragon Event Pass

Until they fix it, if you want to progress your alts through it, DO NOT GO INTO THE INSTANCE SERVER


Entrar en el servidor de instancias (LFG, portales rojos, etc.) rompe el Pase de evento Paragon

Hasta que lo arreglen, si quieres que tus alt progresen a través de él, NO ENTRES AL SERVIDOR DE INSTANCIA


I thought since my Cleric could not progress through her Paragon Event pass (it's stuck at Level 1 at 0/100) that the rest of my account was also not working.

I was wrong. I logged into my alts today and all of them were working just fine.

That is, until I went into Apsa to kill the 10 daily mobs, which made the event break!

On my vandal I was at 26/30 food/drinks before I went into Apsa. I killed 3 mobs before I realized it was not recording it. I tried popping more food to finish it off to 30/30 and it would not progress. Going back to Gelk did not help. Relogging did not fix it. It's stuck/bugged now. I tried the same thing on my songweaver and had the same result. 😔

(...helping a friend's alt with IDD for the prestige quest broke their pass.. I'm so sorry I didn't know sooner)



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Oh good they finally put up a known issues thread


After doing the event for 2 days without going into the instance server on my alt, this is my progress.

I did abyssal splinter both days for the dungeons because I was lazy to walk out of town again. 



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