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<Eternal> Legion (NA) is recruiting new and experienced players


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We have a good mix of leveling and max level players across a variety of timezones, from PST, EST to EU, as well as an active Discord channel to hang out off hours or plan runs.  

Our players are friendly, respectful and helpful and Legion/Discord chat is encouraged. We meet up for 2nd Dredge most days of the week and once in awhile I award a prize for the most exceptional member of the season.

If you're max level looking for dailies or dungeon runs, or returning to the game and leveling up, <Eternal> is here to help and have fun.  

Eternal Gaming Community also has groups in other games as well, including Aion Classic EU, and I can invite you to the Discord to find those groups.

You can message or write me in game @Alance 

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