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Snowball Event & Scams


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Dear NC West,

Can we make Snowballs more distinctive from Platinum Coins? I'm getting real tired of alerting people to players who sit around in capital cities with their stores open selling plat coins as snowballs. People get in a rush and buy what appears to be a good deal only to find out that some some little dipwad was not selling the promised goods. 

I have seen sooo many people do this over the years that it is honestly ridiculous. Granted, people should pay attention to what they are buying but why have two items look that similar? It's begging for people to abuse. 

It's not hard to put a distinctive background behind the level 1 snowballs to make it easier to distinguish at a glance. Look, I did it in 5 minutes using a screen capture of a snowball: Level 1 Snowball

Please don't allow this to continue by ignoring this request and keeping the same basic snowball look. I will gladly give you the .png I made so you can drop it into the game files. Literally take you 5 mins to accomplish. This way, I won't have to send you report tickets every 5 minutes with screen captures of the problem (not that you do anything about them anyway but must get annoying answering them).


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I would be more willing to change how fast we open snowballs and how do we give back the 10x snowflakes to take one snowball back.

I had bought many snowballs on very nice prices. I opened 7000 of them, it takes about 25 minutes to open a 1000 bundle and you need to be there to click on the second.

I am left with about 3000 snowflakes that I cannot even give back anymore because I had no time to click the npc, click the quest to take, hit OK, re click the npc, hit 2 more dialogs and OK in the end, and do that 300 times to get 300 snowballs.

They need to reduce the amount of clicks you need for these repeatable quest by a lot!

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