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executor PVP OP or not?

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Hello, I'm a templar and I don't like cloth classes, I want to make an alter and I'm looking for one (not support) with more DPS and better performance in 1vs1 pvp.

I am between gladiator and the Executor, how is the executor in PVP since it is leather and few defensive skills, isn't it something soft hp in pvp?

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My Executor dies more often than any other character.

There is a  stigma which does a bit of a heal that is worth having.

No idea why the weapon only seems to have a max of 4% attack speed boost.

Suffers a lot from animation slowdown. Slowest attack weapon in the game.


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One thing about the Executor I forgot to mention, is that a lot of the skills are magical wind damage, yet neither the weapon or armor have any magic boost which I find really strange.

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4 hours ago, The Secret Cow Level said:

The Executor's magical wind damage spells have +1,000 (magical) acc mod

The Templar's two magical damaging spells only have +200 (magical) acc mod

How do you know that?

I don't see it written on the Executor's skill description.


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