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Level 75. No Quests


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SO, I played Aion years ago and stopped for a long time.  I came back on and had a level 57 cleric, so I figured I'd raise him up.

The problem is,  the Heiron campaign quests were all done, and the game gave me 2 to redo for the expansions.

Now, I completed those 2 Heiron campaigns and now nothing. No further quests, campaigns or anything.

I teleported to Ingisson and nothng triggered. So I'm 75 in Ingisson with no quests.

Any ideas ?

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  • Aion Team


Unfortunately, we were unable to identify the cause of your problem. 

This does not mean that we stop working on a solution, 
but we would like to kindly ask for your help by contacting our Aion Support Team so that we can gather all the information needed.

We ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience.

Aion Support Team

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