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Floor 27 is a really difficult one for the majority classes. Gladiators have pretty much the easiest chance against it, maybe SWs as well. Basically, any class with AoEs or ability to CC have it easier. Then, other classes with lack of all of those will struggle more. These classes will have to be wise with shields and dps the nyerk out of those vampires when the chance is present. Or, just level up to 75 and Fire transform, like I do every week.

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I have done crucible spire with cleric, sm, sorc, sw and glad. from all these classes, sw have the hardest time at 27th floor cuz of the lack of aoe's. BUT sw have cc's, shields and heals. You must use all. As someone said before, vessel of water's cc helps a lot too. What I do is basicaly pop sod, inspiration and refreshing melody, aoe sleep and start to dps mobs one by one. once aoe sleep is gone, I use vessel of water, and keep dpsing from range, then aoe sleep again, dps, some roots, slows, and heals, kiting 24/7. Don't forget to rotate shields (spring included so the mobs can't stun you).
What I do as sorc is pretty much the same thing, buff up, cc, dps, kite and pop shields, then I finish mobs with aoe's.
Glad is the easiest, buff up and aoe till all mobs are dead. Don't even need vessel of water for this one lol.
Cleric is wod and kite.
As sm I usually use my pet to taunt, aoe skills, aoe fear and dps. But if you're lazy you can just use cursecloud, fear and bg.


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the special skill sorcerers get (the one that does aoe dmg and DoT) does an insane dmg if you level it all the way up too. Personally I never had a huge problem with it.

My problem is floor 36 with that boss that can single-shot kill me. And of course I could have never eaten floor 40 without wind transform. I have a lot of ping. But with wind transform I managed to make a rather good time last week.

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