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Agent Battle - Compensation soon™


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It's nice the Agent battle now drops loots, thank you for fixing that NC Soft.



It is unfortunate that it took months to be fixed and multiple tickets from multiple people to even be acknowledged to be an issue. So here we are not to far away, one can hope at least,  from 2.8 and the leather belt hasn't been dropping, new extendables have not been dropping along with the other random eternal weapons/gear people have missed out on.


I wasn't the first to submit a ticket, however mine was submitted  back on 7/27/23, outlining in painstakingly obvious detail the fight was bugged and how to fix it. It even included pretty video's from Korea Classic showing how the loots should work. 

As outlined in the ticket, there was no incentive to win as a faction. In fact the greater incentive was to lose on purpose so at least your faction was given 2 Irkala's Illusion Weapon Shard, for a small chance to get an extendable. So a number of people in the larger legions decided to not try to kill the Agent every 2 weeks for sieges in Inggison and instead just focus on pvp, (this isn't to say the Asmos can easily win every siege if we just try, today kinda showed the opposite... when we knew loots were on the boss and it was still very close)  this is just to point out that the faction was incentivized to lose on purpose to get the best loots possible.


The patch notes mention some vague form of Compensation that they're looking into in response to this bug. They had replied to the open ticket the night before the patch notes were released saying it will be fixed. As the ticket was still open I sent a reply and a few suggestions, to only once again be greeted with more stonewalling nonsense we got 2 months ago when submitting the tickets in the first place and referred to the forums a place where NO NC Soft employee reads sigh...


But here we are..

My suggestions to them, that were promptly ignored:

Survey, limit 1 per account, a choice of only 1 of:

 1 Irkala's Illusion Weapon Shard
1 Eternal Mast/Veille gear (excluding weapons)
1 Mast/Veille leather belt

Anyone else want to shout into the void with me and voice their opinions on compensation?

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