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May I suggest Support team work on the weekends too?


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NCSoft West - 

Shame on you.

Support Tickets going unanswered by you over the weekend. 

2/3 of Aion's Servers are currently down and have been down for over 12 hours now.  Both the integrated and Instance Servers ore offline.

You run "Promotions" for items on sale on the BCM asking players to spend Hundreds of dollars per item.  

Yet you're too lazy to employ a support team over the weekends. 

When you see the highest numbers of your players are actually online.

That's bad business.

A slap in the face to the people who do spend money on your game. 

And a great way to encourage new players into the game......"Come play Aion!  At least 1 of the 3 servers needed to enjoy the game are online!"

I really hope the Home Office catches wind of this.  It's definitely time to replace some people in the NCWest offices. 


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