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Weekly Maintenance - December 19, 2023


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  • Aion Team

Weekly Maintenance - December 19, 2023

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/cf481bf6

Estimated Downtime
~ 2 hours and 15 minutes


  • Crucible Spire Ranking Issue Fixed
  • Winter Holiday Festival Part 2 Begins
    • Duration: December 19 – January 9
  • Shugo Emperor's Vault Ends
  • Winter Holiday Festival Part 1 Ends
  • Advent of the Lord of Light and Darkness Promotion Ends
  • Luminarie Masquerade Set Promotion Ends
    • Luminarie Masquerade Stage Duration Extended: December 12 – January 9
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On 12/12/2023 at 1:53 AM, Rownen said:

Known Issue:
We are aware of the current issue with the Crucible Spire ranking and plan to resume ranking activities starting next week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What will happen to Crucible Spire ranks?

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I guess a survey with a few trinkets is considered an event worthy of Christmas by the *new* management, i mean its an improvement over what we got for Halloween, which was a big pile of sh-nothing but yeah woohoo i guess, don't spoil us.

The Promotions/Sales seem to be going strong tho, the paywalling of 3-4 year old content just to keep milking the few remaining players continues, not only that but things that we used to be able to have a chance of getting for free once in a blue moon at astronomical chances we dont even get that anymore. What a joke of a company. @Roseae

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