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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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5 hours ago, Gamegenie-KT said:

Ahhhh (stretches arms and enjoys the cool November winds)


its that time of year wear I basically go in heat.  



The city is putting up Christmas decorations now. They're pretty. <3

I think we're going to set up our (fake) tree sometime this weekend. xD



But now for LASIK storytime:

Cheesecake went to NComicon a couple weekends ago. Cheesecake could only get one contact in. Her left eye would just not have the contacts stick, so she gave up and dealt with the wonky depth perception all day. At least her right eye is the dominant one, so she could still see.

While walking around the vendor hall, she came across the LASIK booth. They said they were doing a raffle for free LASIK. Frustrated with the situation with her one contact's day, she signed up for the raffle because nyerking YOLO.

On Monday after con, she got a call. She'd placed in the second place bracket and won $1000 off LASIK, so she YOLO'd again, did the examination, passed, and signed up for LASIK. Because nyerk contacts especially. While she was there, she also found out that they were doing an additional $300 off promotion, so she got $1300 off of getting her eyeballs laser'd ($3600 total, maximum value package with future touch-ups and other stuff included).

Yesterday, she got her eyeballs laser'd. After only one day, she's 20/20 in the right eye, and 20/not20 in the left (which should heal up just fine; it's all swollen and beat up). There's also some burst blood vessels, which look awesome. She has to sleep with special goggles on to prevent against unconscious eye rubbing, and use all these preservative-free eyedrops.



But now I look cool and don't have to wear glasses (except sunglasses because nyerk the sun), so hell yeah.


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34 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

The city is putting up Christmas decorations now. They're pretty. <3

Our city already has Christmas decorations. So shiny! Yesterday I've seen them decorating huge tree on the main square, I hope they put those shiny drops of light like last year, they were awesome. :x

Also, they're building an ice-skating ring on the square near my office. Around a freaky-horse statue and sort-of-fountain. That's quite hilarious. :D

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Internet was down for some minutes, so I decided to sort some old Aion photos. Found some hilarious map drawings from some legion mates.

One of them was from back when we tried 4-maning UAS and had some trouble with Yamennez (final boss, for those that dont remember). Cannot post it, or else Cyan would have me out for a few days. :P Basically, it shows "life nyerking us". Good memories.

I can post "Bob the Horse" though.


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PM me that one. I want to laugh, lol. xD

Yeah, glad to see EA's nyerk up of epic proportions is finally getting governments to at least look into RNG MTX problems.


Not a Peeve:

Eyes are steadily healing up. Still having trouble with up close/near distance stuff, though. (computer is actually really hard to use)


The eye shield thing I have to wear at night. UUUUUUGH.

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I certainly want to! But my concentration isn't at its best at the moment. I still didn't finish miss peregrine's house for peculiar kids. :ph34r: Don't judge me, it was a good book!

I also have GoT audio books, but I keep thinking about other things while listening. Gah head!!:S


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21 minutes ago, Larxe-KT said:

I also have GoT audio books, but I keep thinking about other things while listening. Gah head!!:S

I can't concentrate on audiobooks either. 

21 minutes ago, Bryos-KT said:

I havent found a good book to read in a while. >.>

If you like fantasy, I can give you a list. 

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