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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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Guys, I think I got the job! Recruiter lady called me this morning and said the offer has to be approved by upper management, but I should hear back from her this afternoon!!     E

So good news, you don't see the cutting device because mine used a suction device that has the bonus effect of blacking out your vision. Tbqh, that was the worst part. Most uncomfortable, alarming, an

So, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we're doing a rewedding in the style we wanted back in the day, but we'd had to do a religious wedding for my parents. Going full nerd with it. "Mawwage is wh

Speaking of not being able to go to certain areas, StL is extremely segregated just like ATL and CHI.  


If I were to go for a windy walk alone in the northern parts of the city, I’d likely find myself in a skirmish or two.


especially near ferguson 


The racial divide is very strong even if people don’t want to acknowledge it.  Depending on future leadership, it could possibly be hundreds of years before the US is able to say it’s not a relevant issue anymore.  I never would have said that in the 90s!

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The other day, the Husband was nice and dropped off a coworker after work.

He discovered the hard way that his coworker lives in literally the worst part of town and is probably involved in drug-dealing.

Husband's only saving grace was there were two police interceptors there following him, probably because his new-ass, shiny car had never been there before and was easy to look up on a tag search as "this kid doesn't belong here."

I told Husband to not take that coworkers again because he's just asking for trouble with his very identifiable car in that neighborhood.


The racial divide thing is still going strong and well. :(

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 Most things about this timeline are pretty cool such as extreme HD gaming, being able to FaceTime with someone on the other side of the world, and medical advancements over the last millennium... 


but the the racial divide... that ain’t it son.


wish I could see the world after race is irrelevant.  Although, racial memes may never die

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I stopped reading/watching the news because it was just making the depression worse, lol.

If it's really important, it'll blow up all over Twitter or my family will message me about it.


Oh my god, I've been sitting here for the last two hours watching/listening to air traffic control videos after that thing today. :(


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Atlas Air Boeing 767 hauling Amazon Prime cargo nosedived into Trinity Bay in Houston, TX. Killed all three crew. De-stroyed the shit outta the plane. Only speculation on what happened right now.

Small blessing it hit the bay rather than any of the city, and it was cargo rather than passenger.

Saw Boeing 767 trending, and I was like "THEY BETTER BE ANNOUNCING A NEW VARIANT PLS..."

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