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Hi, I used to be 4 star back when GP system was first implemented (back when people would trade AP for GP). I personally NEVER turned any AP for GP because I needed the AP to gear my main more than I needed to be high ranked but going to sieges, doing some EB and IS, or not missing a single Arena daily, made me a 4 star eventually. That kinda made me think of ranking up at some point, I was not too close but it was not impossible for someone who didn't even bother to rank up, and yet was already 4 star.

Fast forward about 1 year later while I was offline (I quit playing for 1 year), I enter and I am still 3 star, not because my points diminished, but because the highest ranks went from 100k GP to 1,5m GP. At that point I realized that rank for me was nothing. Now AP to GP is no longer possible the ranking is practically locked. If you are online and a little active you simply keep your rank and there is virtually no way for someone to get to 1,5m GP, because the people who got close to the 1m GP got it from AP to GP conversion days. Even if you could get 5k GP per day you would still need 300 days of non stop 5k GP per day to get that +1,5m GP and meanwhile the high ranks would probably be near 2~2,5m or 3m GP already.

SO, since there is no use trying to rank up, I quit going to sieges, quit EOB and dredgion, never went to EB or IS again and I no longer enter the arenas... what is the point? I managed finally to get back to rank 1 for not earning enough GP in one month to keep my rank.

But then crucible spire happened. I get 900 GP for going till floor 39 (I never kill last boss) per week, and that is enough GP per month to keep my rank so I am again back at 3 star.


Suggestion: I am not going to talk about having the GP reset every month, I know people wouldn't agree, keep the ranking system as concrete-solid-static as it is for all I care, BUT give me the chance to avoid getting a rank myself.

Possible solution that wouldn't hurt anyone:
1) Allow people give up their rank and go back to rank 1~9 depending on amount of AP
2) Make people enlist themselves once a month for ranks (like do a quest, or sign up in an npc so you are counted)
3) Make GP rewards possible to not be claimed in whatever gives them, e.g. put GP in untradeable pouches that are time limited, to get the GP you need to use the pouch, if you do not use the pouch within 1 day it is gone, so people cannot stack up pouches to use them later.
4) Give me the ability to relinquish my GP, either make a GP -> AP conversion (why not?) or GP -> whatever else, or even "delete your GP" button. I would do it.

People will be weirded by this post, but I literally don't see any reason to be a 3 star and lose a lot of AP when I am killed while I was offline for a year and most people are dressed to kill while I was stuck to 65a2 items.

GP is not a reward for me, it is like a curse.

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